Simulator Driving Skyline R34

Simulator Driving Skyline R34
Última Atualização 17 de fev. de 2023
Versão: 4.0
Requisitos: Android 5.1
Gênero: Veículos
Informações MOD:
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Do you like cool and realistic drifting? Then this game is especially for you. Realistic physics of behavior, brand new Japanese Nissan cars and much more in the new Extreme Car Driving Simulator Skyline GTR R34 now and you have the opportunity to try out the full power of the legendary sports car with cool HD graphics. This game will give you real emotions from ultra-fast driving on real asphalt, tracks and off-road.

We have created a really worthy simulator game with a large arsenal of functions and settings, from a simple choice of automatic or mechanical transmission to tweaking the engine chip tuning to increase the maximum speed of your sports car in the game, you do it all yourself, become a real racer-mechanic.

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In this Extreme Car Driving Simulator, we have added 5 survival and passing modes, you can go through all of them at once, or choose one of them and move only in one direction and become as fast as mcqueen. The modes will be divided into 2 categories 1. These are races (drift, rally, ring) 2. This is a learning and training mode, you can test your sports car on closed tracks, or just drift around the city with or without traffic, the second mode is Parking mode with tasks, you can learn how to just park your new cars or how to park your cool sports car between cars in an extreme way.

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator game has a big open world to travel and search for cool tasks that you can complete and get points for the leaderboard and get bonus coins for tuning your Nissan Skyline GTR R34 sports car, the game has a small plot you come from california to a new city and you have a legacy from your father in the form of a cool Car Service where you can store and improve and tune your cars.

Tuning is one of the important parts of all racing simulators, and in ours it is also available even much better, you can draw vinyls yourself, or add your own vinyls to the game, you can change body kits from bumpers to brand new disks that are in the game more than 130 pieces in every color and taste for your brand new Skyline GTR R34 sports car.

We recommend that you go online more often, because there you will meet other players and you can earn many times more leadership points and coins to upgrade your cars, participate in drift races in Tokyo at night or in drag racing in crowded New York, invite your friends to the game and Ride with them in this cool epic Extreme Car Driving Simulator Nissan Skyline GTR R34.

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